03 7 / 2012

Native Sun Sarina Leah and Mohammed Yahya do it again.  Gallery of Dreams

02 7 / 2012


I don’t know when I first realised that I could eat whatever I want and then vomit it out, the knowledge was stunning and soon everyone loved me more; my mother, my friends, the men in the streets. Beauty is a strange place, a road sign in the distance that you never actually reach. The term…

02 7 / 2012

Good old Sudan soil. I do believe I am in need of some new shoes.

Good old Sudan soil. I do believe I am in need of some new shoes.

02 7 / 2012

Bismi Allahir Rahmanir Raheem

I thought sorry would changed the whole world

I thought sorry would spin the planet back on to its correct axis

I though sorry would make the flowers grow in winter as well as in spring

I thought sorry would make the birds sing

I thought this 1 word would convince the sun to rise in the west if only for 1 day

I thought sorry would have the ability to make the sun shine after Maghrib or a waxing moon glow after dawn

I thought your sorry would be enough to end the war

I thought it would unite nations and tribes

I guess I thought the whole world would celebrate because you said this one word, sorry

So now I’m sorry, coz I thought that sorry would be enough

I thought it would be enough to feed the famished and cloth the needy

House the homeless and enrich the poor

What’s more I thought this lone word could emancipate corrupted systems, topple despotic regimes

I put so much worth in these 5 letters but it’s just a word or so it would seem

I thought your sorry would provide medical aid for countries in need

I thought your sorry would show non believers how to pray

I thought your sorry could paint rainbows and make doves fly

Like alchemy I thought your sorry could turn water into wine

Or at least I thought your sorry would heal faster than time

I thought sorry would kiss me on my neck, and travel down my spine

I thought these words would hold my hand and lead me through the dark

I thought your sorry would be like new life lighting up my womb

Or a comforting glow in the corner of my room

I thought sorry would be enough to sway me

I put so much weight on to this one word

I truly truly thought sorry would be so much

But it’s not and it doesn’t so I’m sorry but I sorry is not enough  

28 6 / 2012

Oh this subtle heart of mine.

BismiAllahir Rahmanir Raheem

How to move on (Min Bayt Alkulawi).

First thing first, say alhamduAllah and take a deep breath

In no particular order follow these steps

Drink a glass of water and increase your daily volume

Stare at yourself in the mirror until you see beyond flesh

Tell yourself you’re precious and fall in love with every curve of your body

Every ripple and wrinkle in your skin

Every scar, ever cut, every gash, every discolouration

All of you

Tell yourself you’re beautiful

At first you may not believe it but then Say AlhamduAllah Allah made me beautiful

It’s easier to digest this way

By now you may be crying

Its okay

Don’t fight back the tears

See it as a cleansing ritual 

We only drink from moving streams and running river so let your tears flow

This part may continue for several minutes’ sometimes even hours

Catch your breath and reach for some dhiker beads

Start with a few 100 istiakfirAllah’s and then continue as you please

Take a walk get a breath of fresh air in the cool night air

Smile and greet people as they pass by

Get yourself a bottle of water and find somewhere you can sit and look up and see the night sky

This may remind you of the things you and him used to do

Appreciate it for what it was remembering good times is cool

Remember also that the creator wants the best for you

It’s getting late now it’s time to come home

Take the scenic root and its okay to walk slowly

Once home you may feel the need to scream

Do this from the top of your voice for as long as you please

Another glass of water and if your anything like me

Turn your music up full blast and then dance until you can’t breathe

Dance until you fall to your knees

Dance until someone comes knocking at your door asking about the scream

Once they leave you will laugh unstoppably

This is the point you may be inspired to write so poetry

Min bayt alkhwali

From the deepest part of you

When you’re through

Wash yourself with the cleansing scrub you have been saving for a rainy day

Make ghuzul and wudu and get ready to pray  

That rakah will be the sweetest thing you ever know

Sweeter than the kiss Lauryn received on her collar bone

Continuously drink water, eat fruit, make dhiker and pray

Look in the mirror, see your beauty, learn your lessons, and remember God made it this way.

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voice the struggles of the largest refugee group, and persecuted community in the world, the Rohingyan Burmese community. They are being killed now and are all over the news only recently even though we have been championing their rights for years. We have a petition and a protest next monday. I beg, for the sake of this communities rights, please sign this petition and get all your mates too. Sadly, it is a matter of life and death, one of the worst examples of ethnic cleansing :(

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"When we meet someone and fall in love, we have a sense that the whole universe is on our side. And yet if something goes wrong, there is nothing left! How is it possible for the beauty that was there only minutes before to vanish so quickly? Life moves very fast. It rushes from heaven to hell in a matter of seconds."

Paulo CoelhoEleven Minutes (via arabarabarab)

(via buoneintenzioni)

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Ain’t Nothing like a little Yasin Bey to get you through the day. Mos Def!!

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I’m starting to doubt myself as I get older, and of course my family tell me that I am mistaken, but when I was about 3 years old, I remember flying in my livingroom.

25 6 / 2012

Deep down he loves me 

I’m haunted by his demons

Only when he’s drunk